10oz Katerglass Half Pint Brimfull Tumblers

Size: 284ml/10oz

Disposable Plastic 10oz Half Pint to rim Tumblers are manufactured from high clarity, flexible polypropylene for improved crack resistance. Injection moulded to ensure uniform wall strength and feature rolled rims for drinking comfort. Government Stamped (CE Marked) in the UK for weights and measures.

Our 10oz size of Katerglass Clear Plastic Glasses are ideal for beers, ciders or soft drinks. As the range carries the CE stamp they can be used in pubs, bars and outdoor events for the sale of Alcoholic beverages.

The specifically designed glass features a strong ridge, making it much harded to squeeze the sidewalls. With cheaper alternatives it is often possible to spill your drink when lifting the cup, primarily due to the flexibility of the glass. The premium range of Katerglass tumblers are far easier to handle when full due to their robust construction.

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