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Plastic Beer Glasses

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Event Supplies have introduced a new range of Plastic Beer Glasses.

These Disposable Pint Glasses and Half pint glasses are made from vacuum formed translucent polypropylene and are an economic alternative to our superb Injection Moulded Katerglass Pint Tumblers.

 Available from as little as £1.80 for 50!

Plastic Beer Glasses

Plastic Beer Glasses

Discounted Reusable Plastic Glasses

Monday, July 6th, 2009

We are pleased to announce we have permanently reduced our prices for our ECON range of CE marked rigid Half Pint and rigid Plastic Pint Glasses.

These CE Marked Polystyrene glasses are machine washable and have been through 100 dishwasher cycles without showing any signs of wear and tear. All goods are available ex-works and our pallet rate prices are now substantially reduced as follows;

10oz Econ Reusable Half Pint Glasses               £7.80/100        Min 64 cases

20oz Econ Reusable Pint Glasses                     £10.74/100      Min 48 cases


Our Nonic Polycarbonate and Polystyrene plastic pint glasses are now also reduced as follows:

Nonic Pint Polycarbonate Glasses                     £21.99/60

Nonic Polycarbonate Half Pint Glasses               £16.99/72

Polystyrene Nonic Pint Glasses                        £6.99/60

Polystyrene Nonic Half Pint Glasses                  £9.99/100