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Crystal Polystyrene Plastic Glasses

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Crystal Styrene Disposable Plastic Glasses will shatter and are not a practical option for use at outdoor sporting events. As these glasses shatter litter picking will quickly become an even more tedious operation if every glass has broken up into 100 pieces.

These glasses look like glass and are completely clear. Crystal Styrene glasses are best served at indoor events and more sophisticated surroundings where reusable glasses are not an option but disposables are required. Crystal Styrene glasses are commonly used in executive boxes at sporting grounds, wedding receptions and such.

There are two ways of manufacturing Crystal Styrene Plastic Glasses, Thermoforming and Injection Moulding.

Thermoforming is similar to vacuum forming, basically a sheet of plastic stretched over a mould. There are very little differences between thermoformed Crystal Styrene plastic glasses and injection moulded Crystal Styrene glasses, the telling sign that a product has been injection moulded are the ejector pin marks on the base (a small piece of plastic which appears like a dot)

More complicated shaped products can be achieved Injection moulding such as Plastic Champagne Flutes. Thermoformed Crystal Styrene glasses do not bring the problems associated with vacuum formed Polypropylene glasses (‘wobbly glasses’) as the Crystal Styrene material is more rigid.

Thermoformed Disposable Plastic GlassesInjection Moulded Disposable Plastic Glasses

Polypropylene Plastic Glasses

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Polypropylene Disposable Plastic Glasses are commonly known as ‘flexi’ tumblers as they can be bent and their shape manipulated. They can appear ‘cloudy’ and are not as clear as their Crystal Styrene counterparts. Polypropylene glasses are commonly used at festivals, outdoor sporting events and public houses as they do not shatter, are cheap and would be difficult to use as a weapon.

Most Polypropylene Tumblers found in the UK are vacuum formed which means that plastic is stretched over a cup shaped mould in order to manufacture the tumbler. A good example of this is our Vending and Non Vending Plastic Cups commonly used or found with Watercoolers, Vending machines and next to the dreaded dentists’ chair.

Vacuum forming a tumbler (stretching plastic over a mould) results in parts of the tumbler being thicker than others, usually the base and top of the tumbler has a higher concentration of plastic than the thinner side walls.

For this reason we do not sell vacuum formed plastic glasses over a certain size. Vacuum formed tumblers are better suited to ‘one glup’ small tumbler applications as large Pint Glasses can become ‘wobbly’ and difficult to handle.

You’ll recognize when you have been handed a pint of beer in a vacuum formed tumbler when the beer spills over the side of the glass and onto your hand as you have ever so slightly squeezed the flimsy tumbler (altering the capacity) and forced the beer out of the glass.

Our ‘Katerglass’ range of Plastic Pint Glasses are Injection Moulded which gives ‘uniform wall strength’ – the tumblers are more rigid, not thinner in the middle and generally easier to handle.

Katerglass Disposable Plastic Glasses

Polycarbonate & Polystyrene Reusable Plastic Glasses

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Event Supplies are delighted to announce that we have now expanded our range of Polycarbonate Reusable Plastic Tumblers and Polystyrene Reusable Plastic Tumblers

Our new ‘Nonic’ shaped tumblers are stackable and come CE marked ready for use with any free flow or metered beer pumps.


The polycarbonate plastic pint and half pint beer glasses are practically indestructible whilst the Polystyrene tumblers are rigid and will not shatter, both are machine washable.

These products are commonly used in outdoor drinking venues and many public houses due to their non shatter properties.

Unfortunately the word ‘Glass’ is a verb in this country and Polycarbonate & Polystyrene Safety Drinking  Glasses are becoming a prerequisite for pubs and nightclubs up and down the country…)



Quality Champagne Flutes

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

We have been asked to explain what we mean in our description of One Piece Injection Moulded Champagne Flutes? This simply means that the product is in-one-piece, not in two or three parts. There are many Champagne flutes available which come with the bases not attached, these are to be attached prior to use.

While these Plastic Champagne Flutes maybe cheaper to deliver (you can fit more in a box) and as a result a little cheaper to buy, if you are drinking a £50 bottle of Bollinger saving a few pennies on your flutes can prove a fruitless exercise as explained below.

Two Piece Injection Moulded Champagne Flutes

Two Piece Injection Moulded Champagne Flutes

These two piece flutes are prone to wobbling if the bases do not fit correctly, are a pain to assemble and many of the bases will fall off leaving you unable to put your drink down!

Many would argue against drinking Champers from anything other than a glass flute but the disposable plastic champagne flutes have their place  (I wouldn’t be writing this otherwise)

I do think the one piece flutes are more up-market than their two piece cousins even if they can’t be the real deal.

One Piece Injection Moulded Champagne Flutes

One Piece Injection Moulded Champagne Flutes

A wiser man than me once said ‘There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey” – John Ruskin

Plastic High Ball Glasses

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We have recently added two new disposable plastic high ball glasses (200ml & 300ml) to our range of disposable plastic wine and champagne glasses.

Please find below a picture of the full range of glasses
(Hi Ball tumblers are 3rd and 4th from left)

These plastic hi ball glasses are injection moulded virgin food-grade crystal styrene, giving perfect clarity and extra rigidity.

Great for mixed drinks, providing the right size for a combination of ice, spirit and mixer