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New and improved: 2-ply paper napkins

Monday, August 6th, 2012

As part of our on-going aim to provide the best quality catering supplies at everyday affordable prices, we’ve re-sourced our range of paper napkins in order offer customer an even thicker and softer napkin. The entire range is still available at the same price point, however there are a number of improvements you will notice.

Paper weight:

The new range of napkins are made from slightly thicker raw material – this makes them softer to the touch. This makes our serviettes amongst the thickest and softest available online.


For restaurants, bars and other customers ordering full cases of these products, the outer packaging is of increased importance. In order to prevent the products from being squashed either in transit or whilst in storage, a strong outer case is important.  The outer cases of our new napkins are nearly twice the weight of our previous boxes – meaning the napkins you use from the start of the box should be just as crisp as the last of the box.

Pack quantity:

As we phase in our serviettes you’ll notice that both the 33cm and 40cm sizes are both available in the ideal pack size of 100 napkins – previously the larger size came in packs of 125 only. The full case quantities are unchanged.

More vibrant colours:

We’ve listened to feedback regarding the colour tones of our napkins – where previously the Green colour of napkin was a darker “Lincoln” green, this will now be a richer “Forest” green. The rest of the range also have a slightly different and more vibrant tone, however these do not represent a marked change in overall colour.

Product Spotlight: Disposable Paper Napkins

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

We stock a range of Paper Napkins in both single and two ply varieties. These have been specifically chosen to either match or co-ordinate with our paper table cloths and banquet rolls.

Our napkins are available in 3 main sizes, these are:

  • 30cm (Single ply)
  • 33cm (two ply)
  • 40cm (two ply)

Paper Napkins30cm napkins are only available in plain white; they are ideally suited to high volume usage where cost per unit is of paramount importance. Customers can purchase the product as either a single pack of 500 or a full box of 5,000. The low attractive price per napkin makes single ply napkins a popular choice for larger outdoor events; it is also the product of choice for mobile fast food vendors at festivals.

33cm paper napkins are all two ply items, the increased thickness and absorbency makes this product suited to either indoor events, functions or in the home. As well as the aesthetically pleasing crisp white appearance, they’re far more efficient in the event of a spillage. The 33cm size is commonly chosen for side plates.

The larger range of 40cm disposable paper napkins are designed for use as dinner napkins, these are the same high quality as the 33cm variety but larger and purchased in slightly larger packs of 125 instead of 100.

We are commonly asked which of our napkins match items from our range of paper table cloths. Although these 2 ranges are sourced from different manufacturers there are several colours that we’ve found to be an extremely close match, these are as follows:

Napkins colours available
Tablecloths / Banquet roll colours
Pastel Pink -> Candy Pink
Buttermilk -> Ivory
Red -> Red
Royal Blue -> Royal Blue
Black -> Black
Forest Green -> Lincoln Green
Burgundy -> Burgundy
White -> White

In addition to the following items, we also offer unbleached napkins in either 33cm or 40cm sizes. These natural kraft coloured napkins are environmentally friendly and biodegrade quickly. No artificial dyes or bleaches are used in the manufacture of this range.

If you have any further questions about our range of disposable paper napkins, simply give our friendly sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

Single Ply Napkins

33cm Paper Napkins

40cm Paper Napkins