New Dispolite Microwave-Safe Plastic Food Containers

July 30th, 2013

Dispolite Plastic Food Containers

We’ve just introduced another range of disposable plastic food containers; this is a new and improved item that’s been designed to be suited to a wide and varied range of applications. Unlike our previous PS (Polystyrene) and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) – these containers are made from PP (Polypropylene). The main advantage of this is that the container will maintain its shape and integrity when subjected to heat – this has obvious benefits for the takeaway market. You can safely microwave the container without softening the sidewalls or deforming the rim.

These are tough and durable items, strong enough to go in the refrigerator or even dishwasher without the fear of damage or leaks – even when used with fatty or oily foods.

We’re stocking this product in 5 main sizes to suit the majority of uses, these are:

  • 8oz – Small
  • 12oz – Medium
  • 16oz – Medium
  • 24oz – Large
  • 32oz – Extra Large

By popular demand this product is now supplied in a smaller case quantity for ease of transportation and convenience. A full box now consists of 500 items (10 x sleeves of 50), as usual you can also simply buy a sleeve of 50 if you’ve got more modest requirements.

All 5 sizes accept the same 116mm flat lid – also made from Polypropylene plastic and available in the same case quantities as the containers.

We expect these plastic food containers to find a wide range of uses with our customers, although the most obvious application would be in the takeaway food market.  Retailers will be able to offer up to 5 distinct portion sizes, perfect for salads or fruit boxes.

This range is available straight away from stock, please get in touch with our friendly sales team if you’ve got any other queries on 0844 4995456 or by emailing Samples are available on request.

Please click here to see our full range of Dispolite Food Containers

4oz and 20oz Takeaway Coffee Ripple Cups

June 5th, 2013

Fresh in stock today are 2 new additions to our range of double wall Brown cups, we now stock the following sizes:

  • 4oz – Espresso cups
  • 8oz – Small takeaway coffee cups
  • 12oz – Medium Takeaway cups
  • 16oz – Large Takeaway cups
  • 20oz – Extra-large / jumbo hot drink cups

The 4oz size is designed to co-ordinate with our existing range of insulted Kraft cups.  This style is extremely popular with independent Coffee chains, however we’re frequently asked for a matching 4oz espresso cup to complement the range. This cup allows vendors to serve small espresso shots in the same style of uniform vessel as the regular small, medium and large sized drinks.

We’ve introduced a 20oz (one pint!) cup by popular demand from customers. This extra-large serving has become popular since mid-2012, particularly with commuters. Traditional single-walled disposable cups offer much lower levels of insulation, however with the Kraft cups your drink will stay hot for much longer. These insulating properties mean that it’s possible to have a larger serving that’s still warm towards the end of your drink.

As with all our disposable paper cups, these are both available as a single sleeve (40 cups for 4oz, 25 for 20oz) or a full case (1,000 for 4oz, 500 for 20oz).

Further reading / where to buy:

Inn Supplies (our sister website) also stocks the full range of double wall paper cups

    2-Pint “Queue Buster” 40oz Plastic Tumblers

    March 19th, 2013
    Katerglass 2 pint plastic tumblers

    Katerglass 2 pint plastic tumblers

    We’ve managed to significantly reduce the price of our largest disposable glasses, the 2-pint Katerglass “Queue Buster” tumblers. The savings we’ve made on the purchase price have been passed straight onto our customers in the form of reduced full-case prices.

    This is a fairly specialised sort of tumbler; its main use is at music venues and events with busy high-turnover bars. There are multiple benefits to this; the customer purchases the beverage as a 2-pint quantity, reducing serving time and labour.  It also means fewer trips to the bar for customers – great for easing congestion around busy bar areas.

    The item itself is made from incredibly tough polypropylene, far thicker than the grade used for pint glasses due to the increased vessel size. This helps keep 40oz of liquid in the glass and reduce spillages.

    The case price reduction is from £43.00 to £35.00 – an amazing saving of £8 per case. This reduces the unit cost down to 29p per glass making this item great for bar use. Further discounts are available for quantities of 15 cases or more, call 0844 4995456 for more details.

    As with the rest of our disposable glasses, these are fully recyclable after use – we are strong believers in supplying eco-centric disposable products that don’t cost the earth.

    Link: Katerglass 2-pint plastic tumblers

    Tall Translucent Water Cooler Cups – Promotional Prices

    March 4th, 2013

    We’re offering the larger 9oz size of water cooler cups at the discounted rate of £19.50 while stocks last; these are available on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. We have a finite quantity of cases available at this rate, which is by far and away the lowest you’ll find anywhere in the UK (we’ve checked!).

    The most common size of water cup is definitely the 7oz size – these are commonplace in Schools, Universities and especially the workplace. The larger 9oz variant is normally used where offices find employees are taking multiple cups / or simply where a larger serving is required. We personally find that Gyms and Health Clubs are the biggest users of this cup size.

    This promotional price means that the 9oz clear cups are only £2.00 more expensive per case than the 7oz size, meaning each cup is £0.001 more expensive despite holding nearly 30% more liquid.

    We can supply either full cases or pallet quantities of this product, please get in touch through the normal channels for more information.


    Biodegradable Water Cone Promotion

    February 5th, 2013

    For a limited time we’re offering reduced pricing on full case quantities of our 4oz water cones. These are the same high-quality products we’ve previously offered, however the packaging has been improved to feature an inner cardboard tube for sleeves of cones.  This means that inner packs can be stored individually without getting squashed or damaged.

    From 2012 our cones are all completely biodegradable, this is achieved using a completely compostable inner coating instead of the previous PE coating. As the raw materials are only sourced from ethical and sustainable resources this underlines the strong green credentials of our disposable cones.

    A full case quantity is 5,000 cones – this contains 25 inner packs of 200.

    As with all our disposable products, these are available from stock immediately for next-day delivery.

    Product link:,38,160,85.html?id=85

    4oz Biodegradable Water Cones

    Water Cone Box

    Example of inner packaging

    Clearance 7oz Water Cooler Cups

    January 16th, 2013

    We’ve got a limited quantity of clearance 7oz clear water cups, these are “factory seconds” that were rejected due to a slightly discolouration.  We have strictly quality control procedures in place that prevent the sale of these items; as such we’re offering these at a clearance price while stocks last.

    For full case quantities, please give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456.

    The cups have a slight discolouration, this results in a subtle yellow tint, only really noticeable when the cups are stacked in a full sleeve. Other than this discolouration the cups are identical to our regular stock of non-vending water cups.

    Our water cups (non-vending) are great for use with water coolers or cup dispensers, commonly used in schools, offices or as a general purpose water vessel at parties.

    Maximum capacity is 227ml with a rim diameter of 70mm. As with our regular non-vending plastic cups these have a weight of 2.5g per item.

    Ebay listing: (Ends 10th February 2013)

    7oz water cooler cups

    Insulated Black Ripple Cups – Back In Stock

    January 8th, 2013

    Due to popular demand, we’re about to take delivery of our new Black Ripple Cups – available in the usual range of sizes from 8-16oz (small to large in takeaway Coffee terms).  We trialled a limited quantity of these items last year, albeit only in a 12oz size. They proved popular with customers looking for a plain insulated cup, but perhaps where the existing Brown Kraft cups didn’t fit in with company branding or colour preference. As a result we’re now holding this full range as a regular stock item.

    For readers unfamiliar with our insulated barrier cups, they are perfect for customers looking to serve hot drinks but without the heat becoming uncomfortable when holding the cup. More traditional single-wall cups are fine for takeaway Coffee use; however they will transmit heat through the side wall when extremely hot drinks are served. There are two ways around this issue, you can either use an additional sleeve on your single-wall cup, or switch to a cup that contains integral insulation. With our Kraft and Black Ripple cups, this is featured on the outside with the distinctive ribbed design.

    The finish is a glossy Black, designed primarily with franchised Coffee chains in mind. This gives customers an alternative to our plain brown Kraft cups or the generic printed “Weave” design cups. The existing range of lids used on our cups are designed to fit this range too, no new lids are required for customers considering switching.

    Samples are available on request. The stock is expected to be available from mid-January, although you can pre-order the items straight away through our website at:,7,147,Kraft_Ripple_Cups.html.

    New product: Classique 8oz Disposable Wine Glasses

    January 7th, 2013

    This is a new product from our premium range of disposable plastic products. We’re frequently asked for a high quality and sturdy Wine Glass that’s still classed as a disposable product. Up until recently we would have recommended the ECON range of reusable Wine Glasses, available in either 5oz or 12oz sizes, however the most popular serving of wine is 175ml (6oz to the line). In addition, the ECON (Crystal Polystyrene) reusable products do not work out very cost-effective when used as a single-use product.

    The Classique 8oz Wineglass aims to fill this gap in our range, giving customers a high quality disposable option where a standard measure of wine is to be served. The 8oz size is the maximum capacity, obviously you wouldn’t serve Wine in this fashion so the item contains a line to denote the 175ml fill mark.

    Although this product is disposable, the plastic is at least 50% thicker than the nearest comparable disposable product from our range, this gives the glass unparalleled rigidity for a disposable Wineglass. Although we don’t advertise the goblets for this use, it would be possible to rinse and reuse the item if you so desired, providing a cool wash is used and you’re not putting them in a glass washer.

    Stock of this product is expected towards the second half of January – you can pre-order the product now at:,6,24,4582.html

    Please get in touch with our sales team if you need any further information on: 0844 4995456

    Classique 8oz Disposable Wineglasses

    Classique 8oz Disposable Wineglasses

    Bagasse / Sugarcane Tableware – as seen on TV!

    December 20th, 2012

    Eagle eyed customers may have noticed our Sugarcane bowls featured on Heston’s Fantastical Food – aired on Channel 4 on December 19th. The show featured a gigantic Christmas pudding, so much so that it was large enough to step inside!

    The plus-sized pudding was served to a large crowd of onlookers in 16oz Sugarcane bowls, a product we specifically market for use with hot or oily foods. The increased rigidity of our biodegradable products is well suited to outdoor events, or where more substantial servings are anticipated. Regular disposable paper plates will bend and distort under the weight of a Christmas pudding portion whereas our Sugarcane bowls are far sturdier and will retain their original shape.

    Our biodegradable range consists of the following product types:

    • Round plates (6-10”)
    • Square plates (15-26cm)
    • Bowls (12-16oz)
    • Food boxes (For Burgers / Fish + Chips)
    • Compartment containers

    As Heston Blumenthal so aptly demonstrated; these are a fantastic disposable solution for outdoor catering, available in a range of sizes and pack configurations to suit most requirements.

    For more information, please see our Biodegradable Tableware store category at:,38,0,Biodegradable_Tableware.html.

    You can catch the programme itself on the 4od website at:

    Special Offer: 40cm 3-ply Christmas Bauble Paper Napkins

    December 13th, 2012

    50% thicker and available at a promotional price while stocks last. These are made from extra-thick 3-ply paper tissue; this makes the product softer and more absorbent than the more common 2-ply variety.

    The colour is a vivid and festive holly Red with a metallic silver / gold Christmas Bauble print – a tasteful and subtle print, suitable for your Christmas meal, parties or for use at Restaurants.

    We have strictly limited quantities of this product available at the following prices:

    £25.20 per case (1,000)
    £3.50 per pack (125)

    £3.50 per pack (125) / £25.20 per case (1,000)