Portable Coffee Machines

Handpresso Coffee Machines now have some competition!

The stylish, award-winning* MyPressi® TWIST® Portable Espresso Machine, is the world’s first truly  portable espresso maker capable of producing exceptional single or double-shot espresso from both fresh ground coffee and ESE pods.

The TWIST requires no external power. Its patent-pending pneumatic engine (running on standard gas cartridges available at most kitchen good retailers) develops and holds 9 bars (135 psi) of pressure required to produce an ideal extraction, while its high temperature stability develops a complete flavour profile true to every bean.

Twist Espresso MachineTwist Espresso MachineTwist Espresso Maker

In short, the TWIST makes the highest-quality espresso while providing unparalleled convenience and portability.
MyPressi TwistTwist Portable Espresso Maker

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