Biodegradable Catering Supplies

This week Tesco announced it “does not see the value” in using packs that can only be industrially composted. As we suggested back in September last year we foresaw numerous problems associated with ┬áPLA biodegradable products and the obvious problems that come with adding new materials into an already struggling recycling stream.

Tesco’s packaging technical manager Stephen Pizer said “We are open to talking to people and to reviewing new materials, but we want to make sure we are not complicating matters by adding materials.”

“We do not see the value in using packaging that’s only industrially compostable,” said Pizer. “Local authorities do not want to touch it as it can contaminate existing recycling schemes.”

The retailer currently uses compostable cellulose-based based Natureflex for packaging, catering supplies and some of its organic produce range. The packs have been chosen as they are home compostable.

A number of other supermarkets, including Asda, have decided not to use degradable plastics due to concerns over their effect on the recycling stream for non-compostable materials.

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