Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups

Jeez, a whole month and no blog, must be slacking…

We have actually been busy finding new products to add to our extensive range (we will rival Craigslist at some point, but all from a catering perspective..)

On that note we can introduce our new Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups!

In the now recognisable Mocha design these double wall paper cups have an insulating air pocket between two layers of paper board which helps to insulate drinks, keeping your coffee hotter for longer. It also helps considerably when handling the cups. Anybody who can make a decent cup of joe will tell you that coffee should not be made with boiling water, but instead using water between 88 to 98 °C – unfortunately that doesn’t stop some people pouring water in straight from the kettle!

Now using these Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups one can carry your paper cup without the need for skin grafts afterwards! Yay!

Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups

Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups

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