Polystyrene Plastic Glasses

Polystyrene Reusable Plastic Glasses are an alternative safety glass to the Polycarbonate. These hard walled glasses are ‘rigid’ (which is a round about way of saying they will break, but not easily).

These glasses also appear just like real glass but are cheaper than the real thing. These glasses have been in glass-washers (using a recognised glass detergent such as Finish) in excess of 100 cycles with no noticeable visual detraction. These glasses can withstand temperatures of up to 100C

Basically they don’t last as long as Polycarbonate glasses before becoming marked but will do a similar job, just not for as long a period.

Do not confuse rigid Plastic glasses with EPS glasses (Expanded Polystyrene) which are the very light weight ‘foam’ cups often described as the trade name Styrofoam and usually white in colour. We don’t sell any EPS products, our reasons are explained here.

Rigid Polystyrene Reusable Plastic Glasses

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