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Disposable Paper Bowls

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

We’re commonly asked for an ‘economy’ alternative to the high quality Bagasse / Sugarcane bowls, as such we’ve launched 2 brand new products. These are made from the same PE (Polyethylene) coated paperboard as our standard range of paper plates but formed into a bowl shape instead.

These are available in 2 sizes; a 16cm / 6” small sized bowl and a 19cm / 7.5” larger sized item. They’re designed to complement our range of economy disposable paper plates, great for high volume or outdoor catering use.

The paper bowls feature a PE coating, this means that you can serve liquids such as soup and oily snacks without the risk of the item leaking or losing its integrity.

You can purchase these as either small packs of 50 or a full case (250 or 600 for the small and large sizes respectively).

You can find our range of Disposable Paper Bowls at:,9,218,Disposable_Paper_Bowls.html

16cm Small Paper Bowls

16cm Small Paper Bowls 19cm Large Paper Bowls

19cm Large Paper Bowls

19cm Large Paper Bowls

New Paper Napkin Colours

Friday, December 15th, 2017

33cm Lime Green Paper NapkinsFresh in today are several new colours for our range of disposable paper napkins.  By popular demand we’ve added the following additional colours to our 33cm 4-fold range:

  • Lime Green – A bold light Green colour
  • Purple – Pale shade with a hint of Lilac
  • Yellow – Sunburst Yellow, very bright.
  • Orange – A vibrant light variety of Orange

These are the same high quality items as the rest of our napkin range, made from thick durable 2ply paper tissue and designed to be soft and absorbent. These are all the most common 4-fold variety of napkin, 33cm when unfolded / 16.5cm as packaged, perfect for side plate usage or with snacks.

We’re always keen to listen to feedback on our product range, if there’s a colour you’d like to see that we don’t stock then please feel free to get in touch. You can find these products on our Paper Napkins page at:,13,0,paper_napkins.html

Double Wall Paper Cups

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Double wall paper cups

We’ve expanded our already extensive range of hot drink cups with the new range of double wall cups. These offer superior insulation to the common single wall type of cup by offering an additional barrier layer. The advantages of this layer are twofold; it helps the drink retain its temperature for longer whilst also making the cup more comfortable to hold. This is especially beneficial with black Tea / Coffee where the drink is much hotter.

These insulated cups are stocked in the popular Black and White styles in small, medium and large sizes (8oz, 12oz and 16oz). In addition, we’re also offering a new range of printed “Barista” design cups with mixed designs per sleeve. Thanks to the smooth outer wall of the double wall cups, it’s possible to use high quality imagery for maximum impact. The prints in this range are all monochrome coffee-house themed, great for front-of-house commercial usage.
Examples of the prints are shown below, all mixed at random in each pack. Samples are available on request, please get in touch with our friendly sales team for more information. You can see details of the double wall paper cups at:,7,143,Double_Wall_Paper_Cups.html. Our full range of paper cups can be found at:,7,0,Hot_Drink_Paper_Cups.html

Barista double wall paper cups

2017 Christmas Break and Delivery Schedule

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Our office close for the festive break on Friday 22nd December at 12 noon, the last date to get your order dispatched and delivered in time for Christmas is Thursday 21st December by 4pm. We re-open for business in the New Year on Tuesday 2nd January 2018 with deliveries commencing from Wednesday 3rd January.

If you need any supplies between Christmas and the New Year, make sure you get your orders in before 4pm on Thursday 21st December. Any orders placed over the festive break will be dispatched in the New Year.

Orders can be placed online or by calling our friendly sales team on 0844 4995456

Paper Vending Cups – New 12oz Size

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

12oz prism paper vending cupsNew for 2016, we’ve added a larger 12oz (takeaway regular) size of Paper Vending Cup to our attractive Prism range of cups. This range of single wall cups is specifically designed for use with automatic vending machines; drinks will vend first time every time without any sticking cups.  

In addition to their use with Coffee vending machines, it’s common for these to simply be used as general purpose takeaway cups due to their low cost-per-unit. We also offer travel lids where required. The new 12oz cup accepts the same lid as our regular range of 8oz paper cups (80mm diameter lid)

These paper cups are available as either a small pack of 50 units or a full case of 1,000 cups where higher volumes are required.

Please see our full range of Paper Vending Cups or go directly to the 12oz Vending Paper Cups.

Themed Napkins for Christmas 2015

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Christmas Themed Paper Napkins

Now available is our 2015 range of disposable paper napkins with a festive Christmas theme. This fun and decorate range of accessories is a great way to decorate your dinner table this Christmas. our designs come in pack sizes to suit all occasions, whether you’re catering for a small family gathering or a larger company function . Typical pack quantities are from 125 for family or small office functions, with full cases of 2,000 available for larger gatherings.

Our napkins are available as either a standard thickness 2ply item, or the extra-soft 3ply style for occasions where a thicker napkin is desirable – all with a standard ¼ fold.

In addition to the Christmas themed napkins, we’ve got a festive paper tablecloth to tie in with these designs – as well as the usual plain items in a variety of colours.

Useful links:

Our 2015 designs:

Black Sparkle DesignChampagne Shimmer DesignChristmas Bauble Design

Christmas Snowman DesignChristmas Tree DesignChristmas Wonderland Design

Napkins at the dinner table:

Printed Catering Supplies

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Printed catering disposablesNew for 2015 is our bespoke printing and branding service, a fantastic way to build your brand through fully customisable disposables. We’ve made a large proportion of our range available for customisation with minimum order quantities as low as 10,000 units. Traditionally the use of branded paper cups, napkins etc has been restricted to high volume usage only, however we’re now offering smaller sized print runs with smaller businesses in mind.

The printable products we offer include:

  • Smoothie Cups
  • Cup Sleeves
  • Hot Drink Paper Cups
  • Cold Drink Paper Cups
  • Cup Carriers
  • Hot Food Boxes / Noodle Boxes
  • Paper Napkins
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Disposable Plastic Glasses
  • Chip Scoops
  • Soup Containers
  • Paper Coasters

To simplify the ordering process we offer an online configurator that enables customers to calculate a total cost for the product type, volume and options desired. You can find the full range of printed disposables on our sister website at: We also have documents answering most common questions that may arise and guide you through the order process; from concept to design and production.

Printed Noodle Boxes

Plastic Sauce / Portion Pots With Lids

Friday, January 23rd, 2015
Plastic Sauce Containers

Plastic Sauce Containers

By popular demand we now stock a range of plastic portion pots for sauces, sides, samples, takeaways and a whole host of other uses. These are designed to complement our existing range of Dispolite containers which are stocked in sizes ranging from 8oz – 32oz.

The containers themselves are made from PP (Polypropylene) meaning they’re tough and durable without being brittle and prone to cracking. The lids are made from high clarity PET (Polyethylene terephthalate).

The most common use for this product range is for dips sauces, creams and other such portion control uses. As the items have matching lids they’re also great for food storage use to keep the contents fresh. We supply both 2oz and 4oz sizes to suit most requirements. The items are freezer safe and the pots (not lids) can be microwaved too.

Each pack ordered containers 100 matching container and lids, no need to purchase lids separately. We can also provide a full case of 1,000 where larger quantities are required.

You can find these Plastic Containers on our website at:,9,216,Sauce_Pots.html

2014 Christmas break and delivery schedule

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Our offices close on the 23rd December this year at 12pm for the Christmas break, reopening on 5th January 2013 in the New Year.

The last available date to order for Christmas delivery is 22nd December for orders placed up until 4pm. Orders placed after this time will be dispatched in the New Year with deliveries starting from Tuesday 6rd January.

Please note that due to the increased amount of traffic throughout delivery networks and possible inclement weather, we recommend ordering early to negate any potential problems with time-sensitive Christmas deliveries. The vast majority of our courier deliveries will still be delivered on the usual 24 hour / next-day basis however we would advise ordering in advance where possible to avoid disappointment.

For bulk pallet deliveries we would recommend ordering on or before 19th December.

Please take a look at our Christmas Store for our full festive range:,16,0,Christmas_Party_Supplies.html

If you have any questions regarding our opening hours or delivery times over the festive period please give our sales team a call on 0844 4995456 on email

Super-Size 32oz Pepsi & Coca Cola Cups

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

32oz Pepsi Paper CupsBy popular demand we’ve introduced a new size to our range of disposable cold drink cups. The most common UK sizes for these cups are as follows:

  • 9oz (Small)
  • 12oz (Small / Regular)
  • 16oz (Regular)
  • 22oz (Large)

Due to the proliferation of extra-large / jumbo sized beverages in American media it’s common to encounter a demand for an even larger size of drink. Although the current “Large” sized 22oz cup tips the scales at over a pint of liquid, we’re commonly asked for an even larger alternative – the next size up being the 32oz cups. You’re most likely to encounter these in Cinemas or American themed eateries and related establishments.

32oz Coke Paper CupsIn terms of the cups themselves, the extra capacity does necessitate an even larger diameter straw-slot lid – designed especially for this item.

All 3 of these items are available from stock with immediate effect. Package configurations are as follows:

  • 32oz Coke / Pepsi: 50 cups per sleeve / 500 cups per case
  • Lids for 32oz Cups: 85 lids per sleeve / 935 lids per case

We also stock a range of regular and large diameter straws to suit these new paper cups.


Relevant links for more information: